To provide a place for Cuckfield-based “green” groups to unite under one umbrella and to help Cuckfield become a more sustainable community.


In Autumn 2019, a few like-minded people in the community, inspired by initiatives in other mid-Sussex communities, decided to use social media to promote a directory of local businesses and to give tips on household sustainability. By December 2020 a WhatsApp group of 15 people was in place. While the pandemic has impeded public action to some extent the group’s enthusiasm for action remains strong and several milestones have been achieved.

Strategic vision

Spreading the message that you don’t have to change your entire lifestyle to help the planet: you can start by doing small things and gradually do more. And if enough people do small things then real change happens. Greener Cuckfield strives to do this by:

  • Creating a set of reliable, on-line information resources for people to inform themselves about sustainable lifestyle options.
  • Running projects delivering tangible benefits to the Cuckfield community in our key focus areas.
  • Creating a network of stakeholders in other community groups to share best practice and collaborate on projects where appropriate
  • Launching initiatives to educate young people about sustainability and to encourage behaviour that promotes it.