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Every Bite Counts

Each year a mind bending 2.5 billion tonnes of food goes to waste – and when that happens it’s all the energy and water used to produce the food which is wasted too.

Greener Cuckfield Nature Competition 2022

Welcome to our contest page for our first ever competition!! Please see below for all the details. Please also check out our Terms & Conditions here. Please send your submissions to by 31 August 2022. We will announce the winners on 6th September 2022. Two categories are Under 10s and 11 Plus When entering…

Why Recycling Earns and How to Help

In May 2020, Greener Cuckfield hosted its first talk thanks to guests Colin McFarlin and Joanne Clayton. Unfortunately, we did not record it so here is a summary for your perusal. Did you know that recycling is actually all about reselling? Selling your recycling brings in funds for our council and other councils around the…


Hedgehogs are very cute and cuddly but did you know that their numbers are going down rapidly? Read this guide to see how you can help hedgehogs.

Woods are Blooming and Birds Returning

We are so lucky in Cuckfield to have two beautiful woods right on our doorsteps. In both New England Wood and Blunts Wood the bluebells are on the very verge of exploding into their annual sapphire blue. Bluebells flower anytime between mid-April right to late May depending on how mild the weather has been. They…

Turmeric Bug for Naturally Carbonated Sodas

Jump to Recipe In the hopes that I can have my sewing friends over again soon, I’ve been brewing various concoctions with which to ply them, including naturally carbonated drinks made with my turmeric bug. As with a ginger bug or sourdough starter, microbes on turmeric and in the air, even on your hands, transform simple…Turmeric…

Five Ways to More Sustainable Fashion

Until the pandemic, fast fashion had become the social norm for most of us.  With cheaply made clothes being so widely available and high street trends changing so rapidly, it is no surprise that many wore them a handful of times before throwing them away. On average, clothing and textiles will make up roughly 2…


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