Before we begin with Cuckfield, let’s look at the bigger picture. We are living in the ‘critical
decade’ for climate change. With temperatures increasing and weather patterns changing,
we must act now to help our planet. In this first blog, I will focus on what governments are
doing. The best starting point is with net zero carbon emissions… but what exactly does this
mean and how will it help?

You might have read or heard people talking about net zero carbon. This is all about
achieving a net zero balance between the carbon emitted into the atmosphere and the
carbon removed – either naturally, by plants for example, or through technology. 2050 is the
net zero deadline that many governments are working towards. In the UK it is a legal
commitment, and many cities, businesses and organisations are being encouraged to sign
up to net zero through the global Race to Zero Campaign.

Global momentum is building and expectations are high following the US Presidential
election of Joe Biden. In December, the UK will co-host a United Nations (UN) world leaders’
meeting to look at progress on emissions since 2015’s landmark Paris Agreement on climate
change. And in November next year, the UK will co-host the next UN climate summit – the
so-called COP26 – postponed from this year due to COVID-19. The world is looking to the UK
for leadership: my next blog will look at how this is going, and what we in Cuckfield can do
to help.

by Jo Notaras

2 thoughts on “The Bigger Picture

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